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Coding Interview Question: Find the greatest integer smaller than N with the same set of digits as N - October 20, 2022

Question Given an integer N, find the greatest integer less than N and has the same digits. If there is no such integer, return -1. For example: Input = 630 Output = 603 Input = 603 Output = 360 Input = 360 Output = 306 Input = 306 Output = -1 (Be careful, 063 could […]

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Coding Interview Question: Nested List Weight Sum - October 15, 2022

Question Imagine an array that contains both integers and nested arrays, such as the following: [[2, [9, 1, 3], 8], 1, 4]. The depth sum is described as the weighted sum of each integer, weighted by their respective depths. In the example, 9’s depth is 3, while 8’s depth is 2, and 4’s depth is […]

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Prepare for Your Google Interview – Leadership - July 30, 2022

Leadership here at Google is important at every level. Leadership can take many forms. And every Googler, no matter their job or level, has leadership qualities. No matter which role you’re interviewing for, we will be evaluating you on communication and leadership style, working with teams, vision, navigating complexity and ambiguity, and delivering results. Communication […]

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Google Meta Amazon Coding Interview Question – Toeplitz Matrix - March 22, 2022

Given a matrix in the form (int height, int weight, vector < vector < int > > matrix), determine if the matrix is in the form of Toeplitz. In linear algebra, a Toeplitz matrix or diagonal-constant matrix, named after Otto Toeplitz, is a matrix in which each descending diagonal from left to right is constant. […]

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