Competitive Programming

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February 10, 2022

Coding & Algorithm Interview 

Aka Sports Programming.

If you like to develop code, learn, use and create data structures / algorithms, it’s a sport for you.

It is a fun world where you can come together and compete with those who love to do the same sport, and you can practice as much as you want outside the competitions.

Beyond fun, it is also effective enough to open the door to companies around the world.

But as with any sport, you need to do regular training for success and results.

There is a problem. You completed the coding. You ran it, and it succeeds in sample test scenarios. You submitted the code to run all test scenarios. And for one scenario, your code ended up with a TLE (time limit exceeded) error. This is the point where the art of thinking, mathematics, data structures and algorithms should come into play. Within the time and memory limits, your code needs to solve the problem without any problems for all scenarios.