Quotes from the TED talk “Natalie Fratto – 3 ways to measure your adaptability and how to improve it”

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May 1, 2022

Quotes from TED Talks 

It’s adaptability. How well a person reacts to the inevitability of change. I subscribe to the belief that adaptability itself is a form of intelligence, and our adaptability quotient, or AQ, is something that can be measured, tested and improved.

The world is speeding up. We know that the rate of technological change is accelerating, which is forcing our brains to react.

Active unlearners seek to challenge what they presume to already know, and instead, override that data with new information.

The Blockbuster CEO was too focused on exploiting his already successful business model, so much so that he couldn’t see around the next corner. In that way, his previous success became the enemy of his adaptability potential.

Never fall too far in love with your wins but rather continue to proactively seek out what might kill you next.