Quotes from the TED talk: “Amy Cuddy – Your body language may shape who you are”

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November 6, 2022

Quotes from TED Talks 

Our nonverbals govern how other people think and feel about us.

Our nonverbals govern how we think and feel about ourselves.

Our mind changes our bodies.

Our bodies change our minds and our minds change our behaviour and our behaviour changes our outcomes.

Power is also about how you react to stress. 

Both that the body can shape the mind, at least at the facial level, and also that role changes can shape the mind.

Can power posing for a few minutes really change your life in meaningful ways?

Having your core identity taken from you, there’s nothing that leaves you feeling more powerless than that.

Fake it till you become it. Do it enough until you actually become it and internalize.

Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes.

Before you go into the next stressful evaluative situation, for two minutes, try doing this. (Power Pose) Configure your brain to cope the best in that situation. Get your testosterone up. Get your cortisol down.