Quotes from the TED talk: “Simon Sinek – How to discover your WHY in difficult times”

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November 14, 2022

Quotes from TED Talks  Simon Sinek Quotes 

We can compartmentalize our emotions for only a short period of time, but no one, no one escapes the trauma of combat. You may not even experience the trauma while you’re in it, you may not experience it when you first come home, and you may experience it months later.

What comes out of COVID, is we recognise just the importance of human connection. In this fast-paced digital world, we kidded ourselves to think that we had connections just because we were connected. We were reminded just how fragile we are as human beings.

That amazing sense of safety that we all desire as human beings. You can’t feel safe when you’re vulnerable when you need it the most. But you have to build those relationships. You build those relationships in the happy times, the good times, where you think you’re strong, you think you’re great. It’s very hard to start building those relationships in a moment of crisis.

You can’t judge the quality of a crew by how a ship performs in calm waters. You judge the quality of a crew by how a ship performs in rough waters.

But the time in calm waters is when you’re building relationships and trust and you don’t really actually know if you have trusting relationships and trusting teams and loving relationships until the crisis strikes.

It takes hardship for those friendships and that trust to really bear fruit. But that’s why we have to invest in people when we’re doing well and we don’t think we need anybody.

There’s a great irony when we need help to actually help someone who’s struggling with the same thing as us. And it is the most healing thing we can do.

Leadership has nothing to do with rank or title.

Leadership is the responsibility to see those around us rise. It’s our responsibility to take care of those around us. It’s not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in our charge. And the only thing title and authority allow you to do is lead with greater scale. Every single one of us has the opportunity to be the leader we wish we had.