System Design Interview – News Feed Service (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

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January 26, 2023

Distributed Systems  System Design Interview 

  1. High-Level Overview:

The News Feed Service is a system that provides users with a personalized feed of content from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The system collects and aggregates content from these platforms, filters it based on user preferences, and displays it in a single feed.

  1. System Components:

• Data Collection: This component is responsible for collecting content from various social media platforms. It will use APIs to access the data and store it in a database.

• Data Filtering: This component is responsible for filtering the content based on user preferences. It will use algorithms to determine which content is most relevant to the user.

• User Interface: This component is responsible for displaying the content to the user. It will use a web-based interface to display the content in an organized and easy-to-navigate format.

• Analytics: This component is responsible for analyzing the data and providing insights into user behaviour. It will use machine learning algorithms to identify trends and patterns in user behaviour.

  1. Data Storage:

The system will store the data in a relational database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. The data will be stored in tables that are organized by platform and user preferences.

  1. Security:

The system will use authentication and authorization protocols to ensure that only authorized users can access the data. It will also use encryption to protect the data from unauthorized access.

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