System Design Interview Topic: Distributed Transactions

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January 26, 2023

Distributed Systems  System Design Interview 

Distributed transactions are transactions that involve multiple systems or components that must all succeed or fail together. They are used to ensure data integrity and consistency across multiple databases, applications, or services.

Distributed transactions are complex and require careful design and implementation. The following topics can be used to discuss distributed transactions in a system design interview:

  1. Transaction Isolation Levels: Discuss the different levels of transaction isolation and how they affect the performance and reliability of distributed transactions.
  2. Distributed Transaction Protocols: Explain the different protocols used to coordinate distributed transactions, such as two-phase commit and three-phase commits.
  3. Distributed Transaction Management: Explain how distributed transaction management systems can be used to manage distributed transactions.
  4. Distributed Transaction Logging: Explain how distributed transaction logging can be used to track and audit distributed transactions.
  5. Distributed Transaction Recovery: Explain how distributed transaction recovery systems can be used to recover from failed distributed transactions.
  6. Distributed Transaction Monitoring: Explain how distributed transaction monitoring systems can be used to detect and prevent distributed transaction issues.

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